It’s been a year since I last blogged

I’ve apparently forgotten about my blog for the past year. I am not even sure personal blogs even for a professional audience are even warranted any more. Many folks in my field have shifted to spending much more time on Twitter. Twitter is not for me. I appreciate nuance too much to be limited to 140 characters per post. I don’t even particularly enjoy sifting through retweet after retweet or link after link being posted. Twitter serves a purpose for some and I can see that some people really feel connected and part of a professional learning network . . . and that’s great for them. I see more promise with Google+ (largely because of how well it’s working for photographers — my hobby). Google+ expands on Twitter and allows nuance. I find it hard to justify a blog that might be seen by 10 people versus the same message being posted to Google+ where the potential for a much wider audience exists. So, I’ll probably keep this blog going. I mean, 1 post a year shouldn’t be too hard to maintain, eh?

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