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I plan to start posting some of my photography and talking about the photos I publish using this blog. I don’t necessarily think the social media sites allow for the reflection I’d like. Perhaps nobody will visit, but this is more like a public diary that I am doing for myself anyway.

selfie, sean lancaster

Distracted Selfie

Size is sort of small, but I’ll always link to the larger version on Flickr.

Technical specs: Sony A7 with the FE Zeiss 55 . . . ƒ/1.8 55.0 mm 1/125 ISO 6400

I took this in the basement of the Morton Building during Art Prize, 2014. I was leading part of a photowalk and someone called me just as I was pressing the shutter. You can see from the camera settings that this was very low light. I still like how it turned out. I did have to brighten the shadows so I wasn’t lost in the shadows.

In the future, I’ll post more in-depth commentary about my photographs. But I’ll also end each post with a little request to use my Amazon.com link for shopping for your Camera Accessories (or equipment). I think in the past 2 years using this link on another site, I’ve earned about $21. It doesn’t cost you anything, but it could potentially help pay my hosting fees for this website, perhaps.

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