Cindy retired a year ago in 2013. She was my best friend on faculty. We served on a college level personnel committee together and we went up for full professor together (we were both promoted). She was my sounding board and mentor. We also enjoy drinking a Guinness together. I got to hang out with her not too long ago.

Cindy portrait

My friend Cindy

And here is the larger version on Flickr.

Technical specs: Sony A7 with the FE Zeiss 55/1.8 . . . ƒ/1.8 55.0 mm 1/125 ISO 1000

I took this at a dinner function in a campus building. The lighting was okay, but I was shooting wide open and a normal shutter speed and still needed ISO 1000 for the perfect exposure. She did have an overhead light that was hitting her in a good way, so that helped.

Lightroom on a Mac was used (latest version). I cropped the image because 16 x 9 fit it better. I then converted to Preset B&W Look 2. The image was a bit dark so I pushed exposure +40. I bumped shadows +100 and lowered highlights -87 (thank you dynamic range of the Sony sensor). I used a brush to reduce the clarity -100 all over her face (women don’t want details of their skin enhanced; most men probably either – the clarity slider going in reverse can also add darkness to skin, so be careful where you slide it negatively). I then focused on her eyes. I brightened the eyes (iris only) with a brush at shadows +30 and exposure +12. Finally, another brush was set at sharpness +70 and I used that on her left eye, particularly the eyelashes. Because I bumped shadows so much and added to the exposure, that introduces more noise to the image so I used the noise reduction slider to 22. I also enabled the lens profile for this lens. Doing that reduces the vignetting while making some distortion corrections. I wanted vignetting so I bumped it to -41. And there is the final image you see here. Hope you found this informative.

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