Sunset in the Grasslands

sunset through grass


And here is the larger version on Flickr.

Tech Specs: Sony ILCE-7 FE 55mm F1.8 ZA ƒ/1.8 1/80 ISO 100

I took this on my university’s main campus just outside of the newer library. Obviously, the sun was going down so I had to slow the shutter speed down to 1/80 just to ensure I’d get an ISO of 100 (which I nearly always prefer when I can get it).

Lightroom 5 on a Mac was used. I cropped the image because I wanted a square of the key grasses (the sides weren’t very interesting and I knew I’d crop all along. Only a little off of the top was cropped out. I had to create a custom white balance to get more of a golden hue to the image. I also increased the contrast +30. Clarity is at +32 and Vibrance is at +43 while Saturation was dropped to -11. I have -8 on the Hue for Orange. I also have the saturation bumped for Orange (+24) and Yellow (+28). Luminance of Orange is -13 and -70 for Yellow. I have no lens correction turned on. I do have Paint Overlay at -44 for the Amount and -40 for the Roundness. Ta da! I was quite pleased with the end result.

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