Trying my hand at landscape

I have not been a fan of landscape photography through the years. I think it’s partly because I was more focused on people as subject and because I hadn’t learned to shoot landscape. Certainly, a person learning can learn much easier if the variables to learn are reduced. In my case, landscape was learning curve I was saving for the future. And, the books I purchased and the websites I visited rarely had landscape photography that I studied. I’ve now reached a point where I feel like I can recognize good photography regardless of the genre. Recognizing good photography is different than being able to capture it, so I am still not a landscape photographer.

With this in mind, I found myself driving my family to New York for a campus visit for our daughter. We drove through Canada. That night, I checked our route the next morning and realized we’d drive right by Niagara Falls. I’d never been. I didn’t bring an ultra wide lens on the trip. I was ill prepared, but I wanted to check out the Falls. I made everyone get up at 6 AM to make it to Niagara by 7. Apparently parking is free before 8 AM, so that was a bonus. The other bonus is that the hordes of people are not up at 7 AM, so we had the falls nearly all to ourselves on the Canadian side. Wow!

Getting back to my lack of training or desire to shoot landscape . . . Niagara has a way of providing the inspiration. Add a sunrise and I suddenly felt empowered. I was in awe of the setting and studied angles with my 28mm lens, which was as wide as I could go. And, without further ado:

Niagara Falls, sunrise

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