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RX1 ISO 100, F/2

So, I am on day 3 of having a new Sony RX1 full frame camera. I am going to be describing my experiences using this camera over the holidays as I learn the camera’s nuances and enjoy its image quality. I will try and keep each posting fairly short and specific. This first post is specific to initial impressions about the body.

Right out of the box, the RX1 had a very professional feeling heft to it. I knew right away that Sony didn’t cut corners on giving the camera a professional feel. But I quickly also decided that holding this camera is not as easy as my NEX 5N. I can walk around town with a wrist strap on my NEX 5N and the camera dangling from my fingertips. With the RX1, I use a wrist strap as well, but the camera must be consciously grasped at all times. I suspect I would feel much better about walking about and holding the RX1 if I had the RX1’s Thumb Grip, but that smallish piece of metal is priced at $250. For just another $100 I could be buying a new NEX 5N. There is no way in hell I pay $250 for a thumb grip, so I’ll have to be content to work a little harder to hold my RX1 than my NEX 5N.

Before I took any photos, I wanted to set the camera up to meet my needs. On my NEX 5N, there are not many external controls and I often felt constrained having to dig into the menu system. In fact, this is partly why I wanted to upgrade to gain external controls. The RX1 does not disappoint. There are many programmable buttons and I have all of the options I’d want available so that I can access everything I need with 1 button press. I didn’t realize how much I’d appreciate that, but I cannot go back to a camera body . . . and my plan was to keep the 5N for other focal lengths (e.g., fisheye, 50, 55-210) and use the RX1 for my main focal length (35) and most of my shooting. Just playing with the RX1 makes me want to greatly upgrade my other focal lengths, too. I need to figure out quickly if I want to go all in with regard to full frame or whether I just want to upgrade my 5N to the 6 to gain more external controls. Hmmm. But I quickly learned my way around the RX1. I am already using Exposure Compensation more often than I ever considered on my 5N.

Continuing my shooting experiences . . . I was used to flipping up the LCD of my 5N as needed (e.g., shooting a flower down low I could lower my 5N and flip up the LCD to check focus). With the RX1, I am forced to bend way down to see my LCD screen. This is really annoying. I know I can buy an expensive electronic viewfinder, but I gave up viewfinders on my old Nikon D70 and was very content with the LCD that articulated on my NEX 5N. With the RX1, I feel like I am taking a usability step backwards. On the other hand, the resolution of the LCD on the RX1 is incredible. Do you remember the first time you viewed a high definition television after being on standard definition? That’s how I felt when moving from my NEX 5N to the RX1. The screen is simply gorgeous. I feel like I am looking through a window at the subject I am shooting. I played with a Nikon D600 and I thought it made my 5N LCD seem innovative and impressive. Well the RX1 LCD puts the NEX 5N LCD to shame. I just wish Sony would have made the screen adjustable, particularly since the camera does not come with an EVF or VF by default. I am happy to shoot just using the LCD, but the RX1 makes this more difficult than my $350 NEX 5N at times and that’s unfortunate.

Finally, I bought a cheap $7 metal lens hood off of Ebay. I also attached a nice B+W UV clear filter. The filter screws into the lens and recesses a little bit, which is nice. The lens hood screws into the filter just fine as well. I do not notice any vignetting when shooting with this combo. However, if I use the flash then there is some shading on the bottom right portion of my photos so I would have to remove the lens hood when using the flash. I should also note that the lens cap does not fit into the lens hood very well. I can get it so sit in the hood and seem stable, but it doesn’t lock, per se, like it should. I am comfortable with how it does fit. Speaking of the lens hood, it’s really nice. The lens hood is metal and has a nice professional heft to it. Very complimentary to the RX1.

So, that’s my impressions of the RX1 body (click here to buy one on Amazon). A parting shot of my dog . . .