Past 5 Years of Publications / Presentations

Niu-Cooper, R., Lancaster, S. J. C., & O’Hearn, K. (2024). Being Proactive: Reconsidering the Word “Retention” for the Success of First-Generation College Students. Journal of Student Success and Retention, 9(1), 1-27.

Lancaster, S. J. C. (2023, July). Featured Keynote: The Intersection of Technology, Pedagogy, and Learning. 9th International Conference on Culture, Languages and Literature (ICCLL 2023), Xi’an, China.

Lancaster, S. J. C. (2023, March). Keynote: Developing the Art of Teaching Science: Science Teaching Practices. Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA) 70th Annual Conference, Lansing, MI.

Niu-Cooper, R., Lancaster, S. J. C., O’Hearn, K. (2022, October). Listening to Their Stories: The First-Generation College Students’ Retention. 2022 Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Educational Research Association, Cincinnati, OH.

Symposium: Collective Work on Problems of Practice Toward an Anti-Racist System of Practice-Based Teacher Education. Discussant. American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA (2022). 

Lancaster, S. J. C. (2022,April). Collective Work on Problems of Practice in Antiracist Practice-Based Teacher Education. American Educational Research Association – 2022 Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Lancaster, S. J. C. & Lancaster, P. (2022, April). The Capacity for Equity and Antiracism Work Across Teacher Education. American Educational Research Association – 2022 Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.

Rice, M., Deschaine, M., Ortiz, K., Lancaster, S. J. C., & Mellard, D. (2020). Special Education Funding Flow Patterns in Virtual Schools.Journal of Special Education Leadership, 33(1), 3-13.

Lancaster, S. J. C. & Topper, A. (2019). Designing and Implementing a Student-Centered Online Graduate Program: A Case Study in a College of Education. In Boboc, M., & Koç, S. (Eds). Student-Centered Virtual Learning Environments in Higher Education (pp. 157-184). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-5769-2

Lancaster, S. J. C. (2019, April). Pushing Historic Boundaries: Expanding a Statewide Networked Improvement Community of Universities to Include P–12 Environments.Carnegie Foundation’s sixth annual Summit on Improvement in Education, San Francisco, CA.

Future Work

I am currently focused on the professional work I encounter daily. I notice that assessment of student learning outcomes (SLOs) is a task that many academic programs struggle to identify and then to measure. Moreover, making improvements based on findings loses even more programs. I am surfacing this issue beyond the anecdotes, and I will use that evidence to change the culture around assessment on campus for academic and non-academic programs.

learning outcomes map

Data Collection website at GVSU

Tools of My Work

My team has worked with IT to build web-based tools that the campus community interacts with to submit information to the University Assessment Committee and other shared governance committees. 
We also use MAXQDA for our qualitative research pursuits, SPSS for our quantitative needs, along with Qualtrics for any surveys we engage in. These software packages are provided to the campus community.